New D.C. Law Prohibits the Extermination of Rats

A new law in the District of Columbia (”The Wildlife Protection Act of 2010″) prohibits the extermination, and mandates the re-location, of rats and other pests.  When re-locations are performed, pest-control contractors must “make very reasonable effort to preserve family units [that is, rat-family units -- unfortunately, the law does not indicate whether rat-cousins and rat-in-laws are part of the family unit].”  One is tempted to think that this law could have only been passed by:
– District of Columbia manufacturers of non-lethal pest-control devices;
– exterminators licensed to work in Virginia and Maryland, where the rats will be getting re-located;
– the rats themselves.

3 Responses to “New D.C. Law Prohibits the Extermination of Rats”

  1. Hazem says:

    help! i have 16 four week old baby rats, the mom, and two males that i need to find homes for. it is urgent, bcseuae i am in a rented room, and can not keep them. and the lady i live with does not know about them, and i do not want to hand them over to a pet store where they can be snake food, or any other horrible choice that i have. and as far as the babies go, if i dont find homes for them, i am going to have to release them in the wild. i dont know what to do, im in way over my head, and i want the best for them, bcseuae i love them very much and all animals. if you can help me i would so appriciate it. or if i can be lead in the right direction. i live in westminster, ca, my ph# is 714)752-9696.

  2. michaelbaur says:

    Perhaps you should release the rats into the wild, out of your love for animals. After all, the lady you live with is also an animal, and perhaps it would traumatize her if she learned that she is sharing living quarters with sixteen baby rats and three adult rats. And perhaps you should release the rats sooner rather than later, since they will only get bigger and harder to remove with time….

  3. Crystal says:

    Stacy please give us an uptade on your situation. I’m sorry I’ve been absent for quite a while and just now saw your post. Perhaps we can network to find homes for your little darlings how many do you have left? Can you post pictures?16 is a large litter! Best of luck to you & your babes I’m looking forward to hearing more from you.Best ~ Dana

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